March 1, 2024

Average excel formula

In basic functions in Excel, groups of calculating functions like SUM, Average, … are used by many people. The Average function in Excel is used to calculate the average of a range of numbers in a worksheet, supporting faster calculations in long numbers. The syntax of the Average function as well as the usage is very simple, not as complex as the average calculation function of the Averageif in Excel. The following article will guide you how to use the Average function in Excel.

Syntax: = AVERAGE(number1, [number2], …)

The AVERAGE function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Number1  (Required): The first number, cell reference, or range for which you want the average.
  • Number2, … (Optional): Additional numbers, cell references or ranges for which you want the average, up to a maximum of 255.

Example: We will take an example with the data table below

average excel - Average excel formula

Calculate the average of each STATE

Syntax: =AVERAGE(B2:D2)


average excel formula - Average excel formula

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