How to use CHISQ.DIST Function in Excel

The CHISQ.DIST function returns the chi-squared distribution. The chi-squared distribution is commonly used to study variation in the percentage of something across samples, such as the fraction of the day people spend watching television.

Syntax:= CHISQ.DIST(x,deg_freedom,cumulative)

The CHISQ.DIST function syntax has the following arguments:

  • X    The value at which the chi-square distribution is to be evaluated (must be ≥ 0).
  • Deg_freedom: The number of degrees of freedom (must be an integer between 1 and 1010).(If the supplied value is a decimal, this is truncated to an integer)
  • Cumulative    A logical argument that specifies the type of chi-square distribution to be calculated. This can be either:

    TRUE Calculate the cumulative distribution function
    FALSE Calculate the probability density function

Example: Let’s look at some Excel CHISQ.DIST function examples and explore how to use the CHISQ.DIST function as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel:


Result: 0.207553749

Based on the Excel spreadsheet above, the following CHISQ.DIST examples would return:

Result: 0.520499878

Result: 0.712702505

Result: 0.11156508


  • If any argument is nonnumeric, CHISQ.DIST returns the #VALUE! error value.
  • If x is negative, CHISQ.DIST returns the #NUM! error value.
  • If deg_freedom is not an integer, it is truncated.
  • If deg_freedom < 1 or deg_freedom > 10^10, CHISQ.DIST returns the #NUM! error value.

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