How to use IMLOG10 Function in Excel

The IMLOG10 function returns the common logarithm (base 10) of a complex number in x + yi or x + yj text format

Syntax:= IMLOG10(inumber)

The IMLOG10 function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Inumber    Required. A complex number for which you want the common logarithm

Example: Let’s look at some Excel IMLOG10 function examples and explore how to use the IMLOG10 function as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel:

Syntax:  =IMLOG10(A2)


Based on the Excel spreadsheet above, the following IMLOG10 examples would return:

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A3)
Result: 0.349485002168009-0.480828578784234i

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A4)
Result: 0.698970004336019+0.402719196273373i

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A5)
Result: 0.430169003285497-0.165251819908898i

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A6)
Result: 0.602059991327962

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A7)
Result: 1.38021124171161+0.682188176920921i

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A8)
Result: 0.977121254719662+0.139734490323774i

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A9)
Result: 0.806391928359868+0.389151908999031i

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A10)
Result: 1.09794982620462-0.465324651138761i

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A11)
Result: 1.11394335230684-0.510732572130908i

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A12)
Result: 1.34948500216801-0.480828578784234j

Syntax: =IMLOG10(A13)
Result: 2.38219642590089+0.640695004283087i


  • Complex Numbers in Excel are simply stored as text.
  • When a text string in the format “a + bi” or “a + bj” is supplied to one of Excel’s built-in Complex Number Functions, this is interpreted as a complex number.
  • The complex number functions can accept a simple numeric value, as this is equivalent to a complex number whose imaginary coefficient is equal to 0.
  • Use COMPLEX to convert real and imaginary coefficients into a complex number.
  • If inumber is not recognized as a complex number, IMLOG10 returns the #NUM! error.
  • If inumber is a logical value, IMLOG10 returns the #VALUE! error
  • The common logarithm of a complex number can be calculated from the natural logarithm as follows:

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