How to use IMSQRT Function in Excel

The IMSQRT function returns the square root of a complex number in x + yi or x + yj text format

Syntax:= IMSQRT(inumber)

The IMSQRT function syntax has the following arguments:

  • Inumber: Required. A complex number for which you want the square root

Example: Let’s look at some Excel IMSQRT function examples and explore how to use the IMSQRT function as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel:

Syntax:  =IMSQRT(A2)


Based on the Excel spreadsheet above, the following IMSQRT examples would return:

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A3)
Result: 1+i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A4)
Result: 2.89971152240977-1.55187851109421i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A5)
Result: 1.61130108973575-0.310308236731844i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A6)
Result: 2.12132034355964+0.707106781186548i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A7)
Result: 3.46410161513775+3.46410161513775i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A8)
Result: 1.09868411346781+0.455089860562227i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A9)
Result: 2.2806933416653+1.09615788950152i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A10)
Result: 3.04384330133317-1.80692613104986i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A11)
Result: 3-2i

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A12)
Result: 4.02247932095355-2.48602893939289j

Syntax: =IMSQRT(A13)
Result: 5.30290204874601+2.26291187159259i


  • Use COMPLEX to convert real and imaginary coefficients into a complex number.
  • The square root of a complex number is: where: and: and:

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