How to use the Excel LEFT function

In Microsoft Excel, LEFT function is used to extract the leftmost characters from a string. In addition, the number of characters returned from the left side is based on the number of characters we specify. It is generally used to separate text, like initial, first name, zip code, area code etc.

Syntax: =LEFT (text, [num_chars])

The LEFT function syntax has the following arguments:

text The original text string.

An optional argument that specifies the number of characters to be returned from the start of the supplied text.

If omitted, the [num_chars] argument takes on the default value of 1.

Example: Let’s look at some Excel LEFT function examples and explore how to use the LEFT function as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel:

Syntax:  =LEFT(A2,B2)


Syntax: =LEFT(A3,B3)
Result: So

Syntax: =LEFT(A4,B4)
Result: Sop

Syntax: =LEFT(A5,B5)
Result: Soph

Syntax: =LEFT(A6,B6)
Result: Sophuc.

Syntax: =LEFT(A7,B7)
Result: 8524-52

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