November 30, 2023

How to use month function in excel

In Excel data sheet, you only want to get the month value in the date column to serve your calculations but you don’t know how to do it. You can rest assured that Excel supports you the month separator function, the MONTH function in Excel, which converts a serial number into a month.

Syntax: =MONTH(serial_number)

The MONTH function syntax has the following arguments:

Serial_number (required argument) – This is the date that you want to return the month of. The date can either be:

  • A serial number
  • Reference to cells containing dates
  • Date values returned from Excel formulas

Example: From the below-given dates extract the month values.

excel month - How to use month function in excel

Syntax:  =MONTH(B2)


excel month formula - How to use month function in excel

So you already know how to use the MONTH function to split the month value in a data table. In addition, you can refer to the DAY function in Excel, the YEAR function in Excel.

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