How to use the Excel WEEKDAY function

Sometimes you need to know what day is the order of the week for your calculations, the WEEKDAY function in Excel is a calculation function that can help and help you do this. Let’s find out about the WEEKDAY function in Excel through the tips below.

Syntax: =WEEKDAY(serial_number,[return_type])

The WEEKDAY function syntax has the following arguments:

  1. Serial_number (required argument) – This is a sequential number representing the date of the day that we are trying to find.
  2. Return_type (optional argument) – This specifies which integers are to be assigned to each weekday. Possible values are:

WEEKDAY accepts a date and returns a number between 1-7 representing the day of week for that date. By default, WEEKDAY returns 1 for Sunday and 7 for Saturday, as shown in the table below:

Result Meaning
1 Sunday
2 Monday
3 Tuesday
4 Wednesday
5 Thursday
6 Friday
7 Saturday

WEEKDAY supports several numbering schemes. The return type argument determines which scheme used to map each day of week to a number. The return type is optional and defaults to 1. The table below shows the result and mapping associated with each return type:

Return type Numeric result Day mapping
none 1-7 Sunday-Saturday
1 1-7 Sunday-Saturday
2 1-7 Monday-Sunday
3 0-6 Monday-Sunday
11 1-7 Monday-Sunday
12 1-7 Tuesday-Monday
13 1-7 Wednesday-Tuesday
14 1-7 Thursday-Wednesday
15 1-7 Friday-Thursday
16 1-7 Saturday-Friday
17 1-7 Sunday-Saturday

Note: the WEEKDAY function will return a value even when the date is empty. Take care to trap this result if blank dates are possible.

Example: Let’s look at some Excel WEEKDAY function examples and explore how to use the WEEKDAY function as a worksheet function in Microsoft Excel:

Syntax:  =WEEKDAY(A2)


Result: 6

Result: 7

Result: 1

Result: 2

Result: 3


Result: 5

Result: 2

Result: 6

Wish you success and soon remember the formula of Weekday function to serve calculations when working on Excel.

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