January 22, 2022

How to use the Excel YEAR function

You have an expression containing dates, but you only want to separate the year value for other calculations. Use the Year function in Excel, a simple and easy-to-use function that will help you split the year accurately and quickly.

Syntax: =YEAR(serial_number)

The syntax of YEAR Function in Excel has only one parameter i.e. Serial Number.

  • Serial Number: This is the value we giving to extract the Year from the date or serial number. The return value is always between 1900 and 9999.

Example 1: From the below-given dates extract the year values.

excel year - How to use the Excel YEAR function

Syntax:  =YEAR(B2)


excel day of year - How to use the Excel YEAR function

So you already know how to use the YEAR function to split the year value in a data table. In addition, you can refer to the DAY function in Excel, the MONTH function in Excel, … to separate date and month values.

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