September 17, 2021

What is excel?

Excel is part of the Microsoft Office office suite, which includes many software for writing documents, presentations, email management and spreadsheets like Excel. This software helps create spreadsheets, and features, tools that help users calculate data quickly and accurately with millions of cells.

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What is excel

Uses Of Excel

Excel software is widely used in many different industries.

For example: Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, Teachers, Engineers … and students.

This tool is suitable for those who edit documents, calculate numbers, analyze data including many common functions such as Vlookup, Logic, SUM, AVG, … that allow you to calculate quickly without need to use a computer or any other device that supports the calculation.

Excel has many different versions, including:

  • Version 2003
  • Version 2007
  • Version 2010
  • Version 2013
  • Version 2016
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